About SeaNXT Americas

Brownie’s Marine Group is proud to introduce our newest division, SeaNXT Americas. With a history of innovation in the marine and diving categories, our team is thrilled to bring to you the very latest in underwater scooter technology - SeaNXT Elite. This is the first all-carbon underwater scooter on the market, offering not only a unique high-end finish but also an unrivaled weight of 50 lb.

At Brownie’s Marine Group (BMG), we believe that innovative products like SeaNXT Elite give people exciting new ways to enjoy the underwater world. This is achieved through intelligent design choices paired with superior attention to the user experience.  Any time that you help people enjoy the underwater world you are ultimately motivating them to show care for this environment. All of our brands follow this common theme, including Brownie’s Third Lung, BLU3, Submersible Systems / Spare Air, LW Americas, Live Blue, and Bright Weights.

Made in France, the SeaNXT Elite was developed after the SeaNXT team identified substantial flaws in the user experience of all existing products on the market. The resulting technology is a sleek and lightweight carbon fiber design with dual motors to add stability and balance, while making sure the thrust doesn’t hit the user on the body. The user interface allows for interchangeable themes, modes, and live navigation GPS so that you will see your position on the map as you glide through the water. 

BMG, the parent company to the family of brands listed above, is primarily based in South Florida, USA where we manufacture, distribute, and service a variety of products that cater well to water sports enthusiasts and resellers. Rest assured that when you do business with SeaNXT Americas, you will have the support you deserve from a local Florida team. Contact us today with any questions and our support team will be happy to help! support@sea-nxt-americas.com

Our Team

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