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Guide to SeaNXT Elite GPS Features

Explore Smarter with SeaNXT Elite: Your Ultimate Guide to GPS Features

The SeaNXT Elite isn't just redefining underwater mobility with its sleek design and dual motors; it's also leading the way in smart navigation. Among its standout features is a sophisticated GPS system, designed to enhance your aquatic adventures.

Downloading Country Maps for Local Exploration

One of the most practical aspects of the SeaNXT Elite's GPS is the ability to download maps of different countries. This feature is invaluable for divers and water enthusiasts who love to travel. Before setting out on your journey, you can download the specific map of your destination and upload directly using the included USB C drive. This preparation allows you to familiarize yourself with the area, plan your routes, and ensure an enjoyable exploration

Tracking Your Route: A Path of Discovery

The SeaNXT Elite not only guides you through unknown waters but also records your journey. With the GPS feature, you can see your route in real-time, allowing you to track where you've been and plan where you want to go next.


The GPS features of the SeaNXT Elite open up a new world of underwater exploration. By combining detailed maps, route tracking, and the ability to upload new exploration zones. It's more than just an underwater scooter; it's your companion in exploration, a tool that empowers you to dive deeper, travel farther, and explore smarter.

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